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Jean Fennell Memorial Walk 2015- June 7th

The Jean Fennell Memorial Walk began in 2009 and this year will be the seventh outing. The walk aims to raise funds for dementia sufferers, and their carers. My dear Mum fell victim to the disease in 2004, eventually passing away in 2008 after a cruel period of suffering.

The walk has seen the sunrise, mud, angry cows and confused sheep. We have walked hills, rivers and woods.

This year the intrepid walkers will take on the wilds of Mid-Sussex, including ferocious sheep, errant golf balls, and a couple of very scary geese.

The walk starts at Balcombe, heads down along the Ardingly reservoir, and stops for wow and wonder at the Ouse Valley Viaduct.

A cross country jaunt down to the picturesque Cuckfield then heads the weary numbers towards Burgess Hill as the thought of wholesome grub drives their stomachs, if not their legs.

This event has raised more than £5000 in vital support for the work of the Alzheimer’s Society, both nationally and locally. Dementia is a challenge facing society as we all live longer, and underfunded charitable services are in desperate need of resources.


Do join us if you wish, if not, please give whatever you can afford. Nothing is too small.




A Mid-Summer Mornings Jaunt


Today saw the annual walk that I began back in 2009, in memory of my Mum.

Each year a few of us gather in the early morning and take a hike, varying the route on each occasion. Unfortunately, the weather has not been overly kind in the last few years-so a 4am start was always going to be a risk.

We needn’t have worried. Today’s walk was met with perfect weather and a splendid sunrise which we all witnessed from Ditchling Beacon, an excellent vantage point.

Eight of us made the 11.5 mile walk stretched from the Beacon to the Shoreham Road just south of Upper Beeding. A bus ride back in to Hove saw a hearty breakfast at the Cliftonville Inn on George Street.

Annually we raise money for the Alzheimers Society, and this year will bring in over £500. A special thanks to the loyal sponsors of this event.

Twas a fine outing.




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