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Fame At Last…..


Christmas time, peace and goodwill to human kind. Obviously not to cats though, well unless you’re some of the kindly souls who went to look for me…

One of the Two-Leggers went out, I won’t say which one, but they were in the garden. This was Boxing Day. Intrigued, I took a look just before they came in- not a good idea. You can guess what happened, yes, they locked me out- and the flap was locked too…

Now, I know I am well known for long and happy periods of isolation within the house, but it wasn’t till the following day that concern was raised, namely because I hadn’t touched my food, which for me necessitates concern being raised within ten minutes. Older one called younger, younger one went into overdrive, but it was too late, I was out in the cold and wet- suffering. *Looks for weepy human eyes*

I had never been out like this before; it’s a bit scary. And they didn’t think to tie the cat flap open. I don’t blame them, they feared the worst. They had open access into the house through the flap, but didn’t realise I expect service not work. I don’t know how you operate one of these things, and I did pop back to take a look now and then.

Now I know it sounds like the Ugly Duckling song, and I did wander far and wide, but the similarities end there. I’m not ugly you see, everyone thinks I’m gorgeous. Most of all me.

Anyway, everyone in the square was leafleted, many were visited. Fame at last. I took refuge in the shed of a lovely couple’s house. Most cosy it was. I was spotted so I ran. I have to say I was most hungry. Most of the days I spent hiding in different places, but it was a horrible and lonely experience.

Tonight I took a chance. I recognised my home, saw some food in the garden, and popped to the door. The younger two-legger had tied the flap open and left some food. I went inside and said hello again in the front room. The older one almost wept with joy.

The moral of the story is that you want fame as a cat, just go missing. Everyone in the area knows me now. I almost think another mystical journey is needed to sustain this fury of interest, but the younger one has bolted the flap now. To be honest, I’m quite happy with that. I’m getting all the food and affection I ever wanted, beyond even that I got before. Life is great. Just don’t lock me out next time, eh.

It would not be fitting if I didn’t say thank you to all my fans that searched far and wide, and to those who put food down for me. It’s lovely to see some community spirit, especially when I’m centre of attention. Love to you all.






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