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Recycled Rhetoric-The Things People Say..

Words captured in time. 24 hours in December 2009… 


It’s strange how looking back I remember the context and situation even though this file has been buried for years.


  • I’d prefer to be world champion at Donkey Kong than not…
  • Look, I’m up to my eyes in it…
  • I’m sorry to have troubled you….
  • Wise words from a tall and lanky man….
  • Because he didn’t get help with his rabbit….
  • This is my busiest time of the year-I’m just twitchy at the moment…..
  • Can I take a message ?
  • I’m expecting visitors now
  • You can’t there’s no-one in
  • You do have a website don’t you
  • It’s massive- It’s got so much information on there
  • You’re still looking impassive
  • I’m quite indifferent to that attribution
  • Its always difficult isn’t it ?
  • I can’t hear you sitting right over here…
  • I’m not interested-sorry
  • I’ve got to say ‘no’ this time
  • That was quick wasn’t it ?
  • Mine is not one for surprises
  • It was a defensive motion
  • You can make a pre-emptive strike but you never know when to do it…
  • It’s curtailed every effort I’ve made thus far…
  • Can you call back ?
  • My three year old’s screaming..
  • She’s has got quite a good voice
  • He won’t be here till this evening
  • He’s a busy man
  • That’s a bit disappointing to hear they accepted the money as well…
  • The time goes slowly when it’s like this
  • You needed the comfort and support and you had it..
  • It was so lovely because of the wall
  • What are you being subjected to this evening
  • You’ve got to have warm clothing
  • My wet patch has already dried up
  • I think that was the time I went to the studios
  • I don’t do it now cos I don’t sleep as well as I used to..
  • It’s a safety measure
  • Saucy members of the Royal Navy
  • Occasionally I had six
  • Just by the coke..
  • Nothing that’s real drives them-They’re not driven by reality-they’re driven by fear..
  • Some of them are a bit weird and counter intuitive..
  • Especially the old black and white ones..
  • What you’re looking for is the abstract..
  • People say “I want that, I want it Green”
  • The greys have been merciless in their extermination of the reds..
  • I’m convinced there’s a law of averages that kicks in..
  • Well I hope you have a good holiday
  • All this for 22 miles…
  • Do you realise we’re still in France?..
  • Cats go to ground, Dogs go home…
  • Pledge allegiance..
  • The debit card was still declined
  • It’s alright–It’s my glasses…………….
  • Merry Christmas, Mrs Palmer..

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