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Friends I Meet Along The Way…

Strange as it may seem, my, generally open, social nature does not extend to most of my journeys into the countryside. This is aside of my annual walk for the Alzheimers Society- which friends, who I am most indebted to, faithfully attend.

Since being a child I have enjoyed long and happy times of solitude. This has extended to adult life and is most conspicuous, or inconspicuous as you may suggest, when I’m in the heart of Sussex. There is little better than I hill in summer with rolling country all around and not a soul to be seen.

The only sentient beings I am generally happy to share that space with, or rather have little choice to share that space with, are the animals who reside there.

I’ve met many a creature on my travels in Sussex- and that includes a camel (pictured here for those who still don’t believe). I’ve been scared witless by some angry cows and found myself in a military movement of killer geese.

All this often makes me wonder about our relationship with animals and how nature really intends it. One things for sure, I don’t feel obliged to nod and say hello when one is nearby on my ventures (although I often do) and I feel more as though as I am invading their space than they mine.



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