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Rouge Chaleureux

Ever since a young age I’ve never ceased to be surprised by the very programmable nature of human beings. This is often evidenced most where the weather and the seasons are concerned. I work in a call centre where on the sunniest of days you can detect a drift in the mood of folk to the most positive, a mood not quite so contrarily evidenced on miserable days, although I do wonder if this is because some English folk have ‘miserable’ as their default position.


I’m not a massive fan of summer, and I don’t know why. Or perhaps I do. I don’t like having to rely on things in life that are ephemeral in nature, and I see summer as exactly that. Added the knowledge that the season is pretty unreliable anyway, and so many people around me seem to run their emotions on the weather forecast, you can see (or perhaps not see) why I just cant wait for it to end. Oh, and I am a sports fan too, and excepting my love of cricket, most of the games I like are start up during August and carry on from there.


So stepping aside from the selfish me, what else is it that gives me a love of all things cold and wet ? Well, actually, I don’t mind the cold, it doesn’t bother me, but I don’t like the wet and I hate snow. So It’s not as perverse as it sounds.


I love autumn, I love its colours, its texture, the fact that actually autumn is often quite pleasant and, because we don’t expect quite so much from it, we enjoy that pleasantness more as our lives and plans don’t depend on it. But mostly, as well as the full flow of the sporting calendar, I love October and November because they are great times for, as Osho puts it, turning in-times for reflections and starting new projects.


I call this period ‘Rouge Chaleureux’ (Red Warmth/Warm Red) because I look to get the most from my environment, and I try to make that environment as warm and inviting as possible. I think most of my best creative work is done during October and November-, indeed October has always produced my top work results in general. For some reason this year I have been looking forward to it more than ever, it’s as if I feel it is the opportunity to get the best out of myself.

I think we spend much of our life allowing our happiness to depend on outside influences, external factors. For many summer is the epitome of this. Yet for me October and November bring opportunities for new and undisturbed beginnings, and this year my creative streak has been yearning more than ever. This is merely a reflection of a desire to improve my focus on the things that matter to me the most and not be distracted. I hope I don’t let myself down.

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