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I Came, But I Didn’t See…..

I only learnt in the last couple of days about an irregular happening that was going to change the pattern of our existence about 09.30 this Friday. Well, maybe that is a slight exaggeration.

So this morning, having almost forgotten about it, I wondered about the best vantage point available. To be frank, I wasn’t really willing to make much effort to do so- and to be honest, it wasn’t even worth the walk to the top of the park.

This morning proved unsurprisingly dull and cold. Some suggested that the drop in temperature may have been due to the upcoming eclipse, although it has remained pretty chilly throughout the day.

The subfusc of the Queens Park morning had not dampened the hope and spirit of the hoards who gathered at the north end of the park. With the massed ranks of at least 30 people and three dogs in attendance the morning sky did its best to entertain….

As 09.31 came and went we waited for the sky to grow dark. The morning light had been slightly subdued prior to the event, but the best was yet to come. Or not.

As folk looked at their various instruments of time the penny began to drop. This was endorsed by a slight increasing in the clearness of sight that occurred a couple of minutes late. It was over before it started.

As I turned to walk back up Tower Road a young man asked me whether the eclipse was due. I explained to him that only the Seagulls seemed to be aware of anything that had gone on before with a slight animation in their morning greeting of each other. Somehow everyone felt cheated.

A work colleague informed today that the next life-changing event will be occurring in 2026. I might bulk by future calendars and purchase a black marker pen to cross off the days.

Then on the other hand, once the cloudy forecast is broadcast the night before, I might just give the whole thing a miss


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