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The Victoria Fountain..Oh, That’s What You Mean..

Brighton 2008-12 (78)

Brighton has a lot of beautiful architecture, there is so much to delight over in many different parts of the town-impossible to talk about all at once.

One such place that I haven’t paid as much attention as I feel I should have done, and would put near the top of the list, is the Victoria fountain in the Old Steine Gardens.

The beautifully sculpted fountain (pictured), with its cast iron pool, was ceremonially opened in 1846 with much pomp and fanfare, as was the want of the time. Currently it does appear to be in good condition, constantly on watch for the next youngster to pour a bottle of fairy liquid in the pool and return to see its effects later. I know I shouldn’t, but I do find this rather funny…

As locals we probably take our town for granted, this is clearly shown in the summer when this area seems to be frequented by foreign students and other visitors to our town. I have often marvelled over features in other towns that many locals have a casual attitude toward. Like them I can be far too familiar, or disinterested as a result of their permanent proximity, to care.

It’s strange isn’t it ? We take for granted these things, yet so often it’s only when there is a risk that they could be destroyed, or have their usage change, that we seem to get upset about it.


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