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I like Twitter. I have an account in there. If you like reading boring social observations and hearing about the plight of my favourite sports teams then you are welcome to follow:


I first started reading Twitter about three years ago. It is a splendid source of useful information. Like any forum, it has its fair share of unhelpful participants who like to spread hellish troll-like poison amongst those who have interesting views and useful information to impart. So what does this have to do with Brighton ? Much.

The other main form of media (I don’t like the term ‘Social Media’ as it suggests that another form of media is more senior) is Facebook. I use it to connect to friends and not much else. In fact, I really only have a page in there because it’s a little compulsory and I would be behind the time if I didn’t. There are some quite helpful groups too, but Twitter is good for most news and information, as well as hearing from beyond the views of the ‘mainstream’.

In Twitter I tend to ‘follow’ locally based people, politicians, and groups of interest- and that is what appears in my feed. Consequently, beyond such poorish and agenda led reporting of newspapers I can gain an insight in to what folk are thinking and doing. There is even a Brighton ‘re-tweeter’ account that feeds back anything that mentions the town’s name. For all things local it is a must. Especially if there is an ‘incident’ that has happened, or an event that is on.

Tonight I was looking at the ‘trends’ that are appearing from Brighton based users. As much as folk might expect them to contain ‘right-on’ themes, they are quite ‘provincial’-mainstream. It appears the quite a few people are watching Celebrity Big Brother (which is unwittingly on our television right now), debating UKIP and concerned over the terrorist incident in France. Still, beyond that, which I don’t see much of anyway, some of my local politicians have much to say about local issues-as indeed they always do.

Twitter is a good read, as it gives opinions outside the accepted stream of media, and a lot of people are worth following. The more media is opened up, the more our knowledge expands.


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