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If Brighton Is Built On Five Hills, Then Why All The Gym Memberships ?

Brighton 2008-12 (17)

I keep getting e mails and text messages from Brighton LA Fitness about joining up for a discounted rate of membership. It has been almost as if, what with modern technology and all, they know about the half a stone I put on during the Christmas period. This morning the final biscuit was taken when a letter turned up through the door offering a free membership. I think this free membership is more to do with paying no joining fee than it is anything else. A slight issue with trade description there.

My Dad told me that Brighton is a town built on five hills. So why all the gym memberships ? There are quite a few in town. I’m guessing that with so many of us living on one of these hills there is no need for us to join up. Well, actually, given my Christmas excess I’m not entirely sure that is the case. But I’m sure that not being lazy by catching the bus home, and eating a few less Mars Bats whilst on my works evening break could save me £44 quid a month on a gym I would never visit.


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