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Walk On By…


During a walk in to town on New Year’s Eve, and a rather hurried visit to a number of shops in search of an illusive item of clothing, I noticed this chap creating a tremendous sand construct of a dog along Western Road.

I can’t cast any accurate light on the circumstances of this young man, but the image he was creating was a powerful one that went beyond artistic talent.

So often I walk along Western Road and see homeless people with loyal and much loved dogs-dogs that are often relaxing in that self same position. It was almost as he was drawing attention to this. Even if he wasn’t, he did a lot to promote such awareness.

I’m among those who never really know what to do when I pass someone in a doorway who asks me for money. I heard that is enough accommodation to house everyone who sleeps rough. But then, this is probably a convenient excuse of the conscience. People’s problems run deeper than just having a roof over the head.

I often read upsetting and disparaging remarks about such folks in different places online. But we are never far from such unfortunate circumstance really.

Whoever this lad was, the talent he possessed and his use of it made a huge impression on me. I hope I can take something from it, even if I haven’t quite worked out what it is yet.

Further reading:

An excellent site about social issues locally by Andy Winter.



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One thought on “Walk On By…

  1. Yes, good

    Posted by lenelind6 | January 2, 2015, 12:50 am

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