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Up Early


Early morning workers may bemoan their lot, and understandably so, while most of us take those extra hours in bed, but there are most definitely aesthetics that make the time around dawn something special.

I’ve been out in the countryside at dawn. The sounds of birdsong are nothing short of awesome. Other than that, the quietness of a place can open up experiences and emotions that we rarely feel in the daily rat-race. ‘Oneness with nature’ is the well-worn colloquial.

Apart from an annual walk I never get up early, unless I have to. I’ve often intended this, but my sleepy coma has proved far too appealing. But having been woken by my other half’s stirrings this Saturday I took a look outside the window and saw the sky at its best.

The bird sounds at the point of dawn, in the rare urban quite, can be just as awesome as in rural areas- without the smells attached.  I decided to get quickly dressed, in a most cumbersome manner, and popped outside to take a look.

The best view I could find (I didn’t want to venture too far) was the glorious cloud formation above the vicarage in Queens Park Terrace.

But a simple picture from a reasonable camera cannot properly capture the feeling of sunrise. Once you are out there the world feels very different. Gone is the endless cycle of existence and the world stops for as long as you want it to. I’m glad I was woken and made the effort to go out, and I’d love to make the effort to experience this pleasure from the seafront sometime soon. I just wish a comfy bed wasn’t quite so appealing.


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