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Twin Towns Or Super City ?



In the year 2000 Brighton & Hove, uneasy bedfellows through expedience and united by our much loved football team, were brought together as one and granted ‘city’ status.

And so the city of Brighton & Hove was born.

We all celebrated this new ladder rung upon which our national and international profile had raised its socially and economically ambitious foot up on.

Or did we?

The campaign to gain City status had been a while in action. There were many benefits we were told, new investments, job prospects and all that’s bright and instils social and economic confidence.

But what exactly does this mean to this Man on the 81a?  Not a lot- in fact nothing.

I’ve always seen Brighton as a town, and Hove too. They both have separate identities, and, as much as people within both towns may have negative things to say about the social identities and contrasts between the two, I cant help thinking that we couldn’t see one without the other. Then again neither could we see them losing their identity as one sprawling soulless metropolis that confuses the perceptions, both generally positive in summary, of these two great towns.

When I think of Brighton I think of varying social and culturally ideologies that somehow fuse in a hotpot of rich yet quite excellent texture. In Hove I see its respite. A pace behind its neighbour, and much cleaner, it’s a place you graduate to. Those lazy summer Sunday mornings walking along the Lagoon, or window-shopping and admiring the architecture along, and off, the wide pavements of Church Road, are priceless.

Maybe others have different perceptions, I won’t argue, it’s all subjective. And, as much as we moan about each other, we are good mates.

But Civil Partners-we ain’t.

Anyway-where’s the cathedral ?


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