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An Ex-Smokers Rant


I gave up smoking tobacco 5 years ago, but, as always would be stated at this point, I’m not one of those dreadful reformed characters. I still love the smell and often find myself inhaling the packet stuff when someone else I know is smoking around me.

That said, I hasten to add there is no hypocrisy in my understanding of the implications of it all. When the various enclosed work place smoking bans came in during 2007 I supported them despite still smoking myself at the time. I even suggested that I would be happy if it was extended to further outdoor spaces simply because I believed that people, unlike me, who don’t want to breath in other peoples smoke shouldn’t have to.

It is a tricky subject. I suppose the only thing that I didn’t understand about myself and other smokers in general is how lazy we were. I was walking through Brighton and I noticed just how many fag ends there were in the street. I remember that I used to freely stub a cigarette out in the street (although towards the end I did actively try and find a bin). Most folk who freely do this are not litter bugs by nature and probably have a clean and tidy home life.

I was standing in North Road taking a picture of a smokers ash tray bin when someone told me that they couldn’t understand that folk, standing outside their office, would smoke within a couple of yards of the bin and still drop their residue on the floor ! It seems bizarre that if it were a wrapper or something similar they would probably wait till they found a bin !

I don’t care if people smoke or not, it’s their business. Whilst youngsters should be aware of the health implications beyond that the decisions are theirs. But I do wish there would be more consideration afforded to our streets, they’re dirty enough as it is.


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